Wedding Tips for the Mother of the Bride


Weddings are special and very stressful indeed. As the mother of the bride you can play a key role in the preparation and organization. Unfortunately for many brides, they don’t have their mother on hand to support them and it’s a real shame. If you are there on your daughter’s big day, it’s important to do what you can to make the day go smoothly. The following tips are just a few useful suggestions to consider:

Don’t Clash With Your Daughter’s Dress

Mothers of the bride absolutely must think about what they’re wearing on the big day. Now, it’s so simple to pick out a lovely outfit for the day but what happens if you buy it without consulting with your daughter first? If you haven’t seen your daughter’s wedding dress first and buy your outfit, it could end up clashing with the bride’s dress. This isn’t something you want because it could detract from your daughter’s dress which isn’t what you want. Yes, your outfit may be nice, but you have to think about the wedding. This is your daughter and her new husband’s big day and you want that day to be special for them and changing your outfit to avoid clashing with your daughters dress can be ideal.

Go With Something Subtle For the Occasion

When choosing an outfit, you have to think about what’s appropriate for the day and what’s more formal. Weddings are formal events so you and your daughter need to find an outfit to go with the occasion. It would be ideal to have your daughter and a few friends along with you to find something suitable. Your daughter can give you her opinion on the outfit and whether it’s really nice or whether it’s suits you. Subtle dresses, such as purple mid-length dresses or skirts can be ideal and not too over the top. Dress suits are also nice because they’re formal and very simple to work with. for more additional tips, go to

Help Where You Can


There are a hundred things that must be organized and dealt with within a wedding and if you can help somewhere, do so. This is a great tip for any mother of the bride because it’s a weight off the shoulders of your daughter and her soon-to-be husband. Also, it can be easier to deal with certain things, especially if you have dealt with wedding organizers and planners in the past. Helping out where you can will make the day go far easier for everyone, so lend a hand! This doesn’t necessary mean you have to spend a lot of money, especially if you don’t have it but every little can help, even if it’s just to help deal with flower arranging.

Making Your Daughter’s Day Go With a Bang

It doesn’t matter if you want to offer financial support or moral support, every bit of support matters. Whether you choose to help with floral arrangements or just offer moral support and choose a suitable dress for the big day, everything will help. These little things aren’t really anything too outrageous but, again, they all help in one form or another. That is truly useful and something you really want to consider to make the day go with a bang!