Wedding Décor and Etiquette

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Who really thinks about wedding décor or etiquette? Surprisingly, a lot of people forget about these things and yet in a wedding they are crucial. If you don’t get the décor right everything can look a little off and for a bride, that’s the end of the world! Remember, a bride wants her wedding to be perfect because she only plans to have one wedding so it’s a must to be perfect in every way. If you don’t get the décor right, you can have a lot of trouble. However, it can be a lot easier to deal with this if you know a few things first.

Subtle Is Best

Your décor needs to be subtle otherwise it’s going to get people talking and not in a good way. You have to remember, weddings are supposed to focus on the happy couple and not on the center pieces or how the room looks. Unfortunately, it can quickly turn to those things which are why you must opt for a more subtle décor style. It’s wise to stick to something you know and are comfortable with. Neutral colors work well as they aren’t too over the top and very subtle. Also, you can make things nice without overshadowing anyone which is the whole point, really.

Avoid Bold Colors, They Will Overshadow Your Day

You love the sound of bright yellows and reds? It sounds nice but this is a wedding, will they overshadow the bride and groom? Bolder colors are always going to throw a spanner in the works and they might present a few problems. That is one of the best reasons to stick to colors which are more neutral and easier to work with. Pastels and pinks, purples, and light and creamy greens are great, even with a bit of blue thrown into the mix. These are the things that work with wedding décor. view additional tips at

Your Theme must reflect what you’re trying To Show

wedding day

When it comes to your wedding décor you have to think about what screams romance and what just looks out of place at a wedding. You might think every theme is suitable for a wedding but, in actual fact, there are limited themes that work. For instance, underwater themes may sound interesting but it’s not really practical for a wedding. It might be easy to throw some seaweed here and there but it’s again really unconventional and far too strange. Ideally you want a simple theme that will reflect a simple decoration task. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or too plain, something as simple as a winter-themed wedding could be ideal.

Not Sure About Wedding Etiquette, Get Help!

To be honest, even after you learn a lot about etiquette, you can still be a little unsure of what this is and it’s quite easy to see why. For most, it’s really about being polite and a very sensible person but too many really put their foot in their wedding preparations and it’s not ideal. If you aren’t sure how to go about the right wedding etiquette, seek help, you are going to need it!

Make the Day Perfect

Hopefully you can play around with your decoration ideas and come up with something suitable for the occasion. It’s not too difficult and as long as it doesn’t overshadow the bride and groom, it should be fine! Take care with your décor and your wedding etiquette and the day will go smoothly.