How to Save Big On Your Big Day

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Planning a wedding is not cheap! You have so much that must be paid for and it can get out control fast. There are, unfortunately, thousands of couples today who truly cannot afford to spend big, even on their big day. However, this isn’t necessary because they can still have the big wedding day they dreamt of without spending big. Read on to find out how to save big on your big day.

Forget Outside Catering

You need to book a venue that supplies everything—and I do mean everything! The venue must be able to offer catering, waiting staff, a DJ, photographer, and everything else thrown into the mix. This will be one very simple and effective way to save big on the big day! Also, it’s one less task that needs to be done as the venue handles everything. If you don’t have the money to hire a venue, you could always ask someone you know (if they are great cooks) to prepare some things for the big day.

Consider Renting A Dress or Opt For Recycling an Old One

You’re going to wear the dress for one day and one day alone. There are not going to be any other occasions when the dress is going to be worn again so why buy brand new? It can be a very costly expense for most brides and it’s sometimes too much. However, there are ways to cut those costs by hiring the dress for the day. If you don’t like this idea, you could recycle one from the charity store or even buy used. It’s a great way to save.

There’s No Need to Organize Cars for those outside the Wedding Party

If you’re traveling to and from the church to the after party venue then you will need transport. A limo or two should be able to hold the entire wedding party such as the bride, groom, mother, and father of the couple and the ushers, bridesmaid, and best man. However, a lot of people think they need to arrange transport for everyone but, in truth, that isn’t so. It could be that everyone outside the happy couple and the immediate family arranges their own transport; it’ll save so much. Also, it gives you time to have the wedding photos done while everyone else is traveling to the party venue.

You Don’t Need a Big Wedding to Have a Beautiful Wedding

Everyone seems to think if there are less than two hundred guests, it’s not a wedding but, in truth, there is no need to have a big wedding. As long as there is a bride, groom, a witness, and close family and friends, there is no reason to have anyone else at the ceremony! That might seem really strange but in a way it’s far better! You do not need hundreds of people at your door and it’s really a simple way to have a lovely and more private wedding.

Keep Your Guest List Small

the big day

Do you have the money to host the wedding ceremony with a party of two hundred plus? Is it necessary to have every co-worker and friend at the after party? Sometimes, you have to make a cut on the wedding guest list and while you might not want to do it, it’s necessary. There really is no point having people at your wedding you barely know or talk to as it’s a waste and very costly. Make cuts on your list and you’ll find the service is a more intimate event. With the after party, opt for buffet food instead a proper five course meal as it’ll be far less expensive per head. Buffets are perfect because they offer a wide variety of choice and there’s little waste on people who don’t want to eat a full course meal. need more wedding tips? go to

Have A Wonderful Wedding On A Budget!

For most couples, they don’t have thousands of dollars to continue spending on their wedding. Even with parents helping, it’s a stretch. In this modern world, money is so tight and there needs to be some sort of compromise in order to get the wedding you love. Things don’t have to be too complicated or big—or grand—it can be very subtle and beautiful. Have the wedding of your dreams!