Wedding Tips for the Mother of the Bride

April 13, 2017 John Carone 0

Weddings are special and very stressful indeed. As the mother of the bride you can play a key role in the preparation and organization. Unfortunately for many brides, they don’t have their mother on hand to support them and it’s a real shame. If you are there on your daughter’s big day, it’s important to do what you can to make the day go smoothly. The following tips are just a few useful suggestions to consider:

Don’t Clash With Your Daughter’s Dress

Mothers of the bride absolutely must think about what they’re wearing on the big day. Now, it’s so simple to pick out a lovely outfit for the day but what happens if you buy it without consulting with your daughter first? If you haven’t seen your daughter’s wedding dress first and buy your outfit, it could end up clashing with the bride’s dress. This isn’t something you want because it could detract from your daughter’s dress which isn’t what you want. Yes, your outfit may be nice, but you have to think about the wedding. This is your daughter and her new husband’s big day and you want that day to be special for them and changing your outfit to avoid clashing with your daughters dress can be ideal.

Go With Something Subtle For the Occasion

When choosing an outfit, you have to think about what’s appropriate for the day and what’s more formal. Weddings are formal events …

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How to Save Big On Your Big Day

April 13, 2017 John Carone 0

Planning a wedding is not cheap! You have so much that must be paid for and it can get out control fast. There are, unfortunately, thousands of couples today who truly cannot afford to spend big, even on their big day. However, this isn’t necessary because they can still have the big wedding day they dreamt of without spending big. Read on to find out how to save big on your big day.

Forget Outside Catering

You need to book a venue that supplies everything—and I do mean everything! The venue must be able to offer catering, waiting staff, a DJ, photographer, and everything else thrown into the mix. This will be one very simple and effective way to save big on the big day! Also, it’s one less task that needs to be done as the venue handles everything. If you don’t have the money to hire a venue, you could always ask someone you know (if they are great cooks) to prepare some things for the big day.

Consider Renting A Dress or Opt For Recycling an Old One

You’re going to wear the dress for one day and one day alone. There are not going to be any other occasions when the dress is going to be worn again so why buy brand new? It can be a very costly expense for most brides and it’s sometimes too much. However, there are ways to cut those costs …

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Wedding Décor and Etiquette

April 13, 2017 John Carone 0

Who really thinks about wedding décor or etiquette? Surprisingly, a lot of people forget about these things and yet in a wedding they are crucial. If you don’t get the décor right everything can look a little off and for a bride, that’s the end of the world! Remember, a bride wants her wedding to be perfect because she only plans to have one wedding so it’s a must to be perfect in every way. If you don’t get the décor right, you can have a lot of trouble. However, it can be a lot easier to deal with this if you know a few things first.

Subtle Is Best

Your décor needs to be subtle otherwise it’s going to get people talking and not in a good way. You have to remember, weddings are supposed to focus on the happy couple and not on the center pieces or how the room looks. Unfortunately, it can quickly turn to those things which are why you must opt for a more subtle décor style. It’s wise to stick to something you know and are comfortable with. Neutral colors work well as they aren’t too over the top and very subtle. Also, you can make things nice without overshadowing anyone which is the whole point, really.

Avoid Bold Colors, They Will Overshadow Your Day

You love the sound of bright yellows and reds? It sounds nice but this is a wedding, will …